Half and Full Days Available

Customized to your Individual Needs

One-on-One or Group

Conflict Resolution

Panel Coordinating - People with disabilities and disabilities experts
Speakers - With disabilities and disabilities experts
Entertainers - With disabilities
Location - Accessible Venues
Reasonable Accommodations - Sign-language interpreters, Braille, architecture & design, etc.

Recruiting and Technical Assistance - Arranging for suitable equipment and technology to accommodate staff with disabilities enabling them to perform their jobs


Here are just some of the workshops I can provide for your company (school, museum, church, hospital, etc.). My presentations can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Don't Shout at Me -- I Can Hear You (Disability Etiquette 101)

Of the 54 million people with disabilities in the US, some are surely your employees and customers. Through interactive exercises, we explore how best to create a comfortable work environment for people with disabilities. We also examine creative, reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities.

The workshop's goals are to learn how to behave your way out of uncomfortable situations with people with disabilities, how to create a friendly corporate culture for this population and how to appropriately treat people with disabilities.

Let's Talk

Panels comprised of career oriented and highly effectual people with disabilities make presentations. To begin, each panelist talks about his/her life and work as a person with a disability. Then, the audience has the unique opportunity to engage in an interactive dialogue with the panelists. The purpose of the panel is to heighten the audience's level of awareness about people with disabilities and to have contact with successful persons with disabilities.

Practice, Practice, Practice

In this interactive exercise we explore the stereotypes towards people with disabilities that prevent us from working successfully with this group. We also examine best practice models for success in hiring, retaining, promoting and marketing to people with disabilities.

The goals of the workshop are to heighten the audience's level of awareness about people with disabilities; to demonstrate the business case for marketing to and hiring persons with disabilities; and to explore best practices techniques for hiring and working with people with disabilities

It's The Law

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is the largest sweeping civil rights legislation passed since the early 60's. The ADA was passed to protect people with disabilities in all aspects of life. We explore the employment title, Title I of the ADA.

We learn about the legal definition of disability. In addition, we define reasonable accommodations, essential and marginal job functions and appropriate interviewing questions.


From Discounting Disabilities to Accepting Differences


For many years we've heard the mantra "treat people with disabilities just like their non-disabled counter parts." Is this the appropriate way to treat people with disabilities? I challenge this concept. In a practical sense, people with disabilities do tasks differently and the work gets done.


The seminar challenges participants to: Explore the impact of discounting versus accepting difference; explore expectations versus outcome; learn disability etiquette; Learn practical solutions for reasonable accommodations.



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