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Jessica Mayer

I have been involved in the disability field since 1988.  I began my career working on a polling site accessibility project for the City of New York.  While employed by the city I worked on a project with my boss at the time involving a group of Japanese visitors with disabilities that New York City was hosting.  My job was to arrange cultural excursions for them around New York City.  I was good at arranging events for people with disabilities and I realized that sitting in an office all day wasn't for me.   

 After contracting with Chase Manhattan Bank in 1999 to become their consultant on disability issues I left my job with the City to establish my own business.  In my work with Chase I did staff training, employed panelists (people with disabilities and experts on disability), worked with not-for-profits, addressed hiring issues and celebrated ADA 10 and four years of National Disability Employment Awareness Month.  I was on retainer with Chase for four years.

 I was the down state coordinator for the New York BLN between 2001-2002.  I was involved in all aspects of the start-up including creating a mission and vision statement, creating stationery accessible to the visually impaired, assisting with out-reach, and putting together the kick-off event.  I also worked on many other projects and events.

 Among other places I have conducted workshops are WL Gore & Associates, Ithaca College (Keynote for the Tompkins County Diversity Round Table), the Federal Reserve Bank both of Atlanta and Boston, and the Viscardi Center.  I also arranged and moderated a panel for the 2016 Conference Board Diversity Conference. I am also a facilitator for the ADL- A World of Difference Institute.  I am working now with Epicenter Community on the Fashion Accessibility Project. 

 Since the beginning of my career I have enjoyed and benefited from collaborating.  Meeting, getting to know and working with other people who may have a different way of looking at an issue is an excellent way to come up with creative solutions.  

“Jessica is a passionate speaker and advocate for the need for equality in the workplace. Her focus is on equal opportunity and treatment for people with disabilities, but her scope is far broader. To call her simply a ‘disability consultant’ is to damn her with faint praise. Jessica is a knowledgeable problem solver who has much to offer to any enterprise in the way of creative solutions to staffing issues, workplace relations, and productivity. She does not offer cookie-cutter solutions but tailors her ideas and recommendations to the specific needs of the organization and the challenges it faces. She is tireless in her commitment to meeting both the needs of employees, both able-bodied and those with disabilities, and the goals of the organization.”

- Ronald Katz, Penguin Human Resource Consulting

"As the founder of and driving force behind JB Access, Ms. Mayer passionately addresses the inequities faced by persons with disabilities in society and especially in the work place... it has been my privilege to collaborate with her in workshops she successfully leads. Ms Mayer challenges us to rethink our notions about others, especially those who differ in appearance or speech. She is a civil rights leader who innately believes that inclusion is required... [and] diversity needed to attain excellence and improve productivity. I commend this visionary leader..."

-  John E. Colón, Director of Human Resourses, The Episcopal Church Center, NYC

"Jessica is smart, energetic, enthusiastic, and a true champion for individuals with disabilities. Her personal story adds power to a compelling case for businesses to embrace and engage persons with disabilities."

- Anita F. Brown, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

"Jessica's consultation has proven invaluable in sharpening our focus on disability issues."

- Stephen Young, former VP of Corporate Diversity, JP Morgan Chase

"Jessica provokes meaningful dialogue on awareness issues and biases. She has a wonderful ability to foster discussion through directness, honesty and humor."

- Francesca Rosenberg, Director of Community and Access Programs, The Museum of Modern Art

“Jessica Mayer unites her years of experience with corporate and nonprofit work environments with a clear understanding of disability access and accommodation issues. Her presentations and panels are superb and I give her program my highest possible recommendation.”

- Stephen Kuusisto, Director, Renee Crown Honors Program, Syracuse University

“Jessica is a powerful consultant on the topic of people with disabilities. She has a vast network and is incredibly knowledgeable about the challenges and opportunities organizations face in acquiring diverse talent. Jessica will help your organization to deepen and widen their commitment in this particular diversity and inclusive dimension. We have had Jessica deliver workshops on etiquette and improving awareness of managing people with disabilities and her delivery is not only spot on - but also entertaining and informative.  I would highly recommend JB Access for any diversity and inclusion initiative, talent acquisition strategy or consulting you may require around hiring, retaining and developing people with disabilities. Jessica is top notch.”

- Nancy Di Dia, Executive Director, CDO Office of Diversity, Inclusion & Engagement



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